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The changing dynamics of employment among youth

“The changing dynamics of employment among youth”

Finding a job that gives you both satisfaction and good remuneration is never easy. Top that with the serious lack of job opportunities that match one’s calibre in many areas. These disparities in employment opportunities have led to significant shift in the employment pattern lately as more and more young minds are opting for self created employment opportunities. Surely, the onus of the whole process falls on the individual but self employment definitely has its perks.

Career options ranging from teaching to setting up  your own  business Enterprise fall in this category. One can go for non conventional pursuits like freelancing , writing or online startups. You can search for various jobs. Not only these professions break away from the monotony of a 10 to 6 job but are also helping change the social and economic dynamics.

Freelance journalism

With the growing influence of mass media, journalism is definitely a profession to vye for. A lot of good institutes impart training in this field and their is no dearth of employment here as this field is burgeoning. Granted, the working hours can be a bit hectic but offers a lot of excitement for vigorous minds.

Business/ Start-up

The conventional way of doing business can get a lot of impetus if electronic media becomes the foundation for the same. A lot of start ups are also coming up with the same objective. In a lot of countries, government is aiding these startups to stimulate the process as these online business ventures have already created a strong rapport with customers and are already touted as the next big thing in the economic sphere.


This age-old profession of teaching never runs out of trend but is now grappling with new challenges due to availability of educational content on internet. One can go for teaching in government or private institutes with average to good and very good salaries. Teaching comes with it’s rewards of more holidays than in any other profession. One also has the option of starting a private coaching.


Get down with a pen and paper (or laptop) if your head never stops buzzing new ideas and stories. This is an ardous profession but nonetheless a very rewarding if you are good at it and know how to make the most of social media.


If you have an interest in fashion and an eye for what works for fashion connoisseur and what doesn’t, this is the profession for you. All you need is training in this regard and a whole new set of ideas to stand out. Many varsities conduct degree and diploma course in fashion. One can also sell their designs online or develop a full fledged online site.

Event management/interior design

This is a million dollar industry considering the huge amount of money spent on weddings and beautification of households. Lots of universities conduct courses on interior designing and event management. The field provides a lot of scope and is one of the booming sectors of the economy.

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Select a Domain Name that Reflects Your Web Site
Above all else, your domain name should reflect what your web site is all about. For example, if your web site is about grooming a dog, you certainly wouldn’t want to select a domain name like ‘mykashmir.in,’ as this would have nothing to do with your web site’s focus. You would want to select a domain name that tells the world what your web site is all about — something like ‘KashmirInFocus.com.’

Select a Domain Name that Contains Your Web Site’s Keywords
Another consideration of great importance are your keywords. Try to select a domain name that contains your most relevant keyword phrase, as some Search Engines place relevancy on them. A keyword phrase is two or more words that best describe your web page. If your web page is focusing on grooming a dog, your best keyword phrase will be “Kashmir News.”

Select a Domain Name that will be Easily Remembered
With millions of web sites accessible on the Internet, it is also very important to select a domain name that will be easily remembered. As in the ‘KashmirInFocus.com’ example above, ‘KashmirInFocus.com’ is very easily remembered, contains the most relevant keyword phrase and describes the web site in explicit detail. It is the ‘perfect’ domain name for this particular web site.

Select the Best Domain Extension
Another consideration of importance is the domain name extension. Although there are many new domain extensions available, dotcom is still the best choice. When typing in a web address, Internet users automatically want to type in a .com extension, as this is the extension that has been embedded into our brains from the start.

Avoid Using Numbers in Your Domain Name
Although you may be tempted to do so, avoid using numbers within your domain name. Including a number within your domain name can cause problems, as when you tell someone your web address, you will continually have to tell them it’s a number and not the word. For example, if you selected a domain name like number1host.com, if you were to tell someone your web address, they may try to type it as ‘numberonehost.com’ instead of ‘number1host.com.’ This type of domain name would cause confusion.

Avoid using Dashes and Underscores in Your Domain Name
Although many people do it, don’t make the same mistake I made when I first started out. Avoid using dashes, underscores or any other characters within your domain name that may cause confusion. When I registered my domain name, Web-Source.net, I actually wanted websource.com; however, it had already been registered. So, I settled for Web-Source.net. Now, when I tell someone my domain name, I have to say it like this: web dash source dot net.

Don’t get me wrong, www.Web-Source.net is now a high traffic web site, but I can only imagine how much traffic I’ve lost over the years due to my domain name. I have received many emails over the years from visitors who had a hard time finding my site. They said they couldn’t remember the domain name and kept wanting to type in websource.com.

Avoid using Abbreviations within Your Domain Name
Although well-known companies, such as IBM, can get away with using abbreviations within their domain name, most companies can’t. As a rule, try to avoid using abbreviations or anything that will be difficult for your visitors to remember. Not only will this cause confusion, but it can also cause your potential visitors to make spelling mistakes when trying to type in your web address.

Avoid using Long Domain Names
Although you may now register long domain names, it’s really not a good idea. I learned this lesson the hard way. I registered ‘www.workfromhomebusinessguide.com’ and the sad thing is … I can’t remember the domain name half the time. How can I expect my potential visitors to remember it? Try to keep your domain name as short as possible. The longer the domain name the harder it is to remember and the more apt your potential visitors are to make a typo when typing it into their browser.

Ensure Your Domain Name is Not a Trademark Infringement
Prior to registering a domain name, you may want to consider searching the Trademark Electronic Search System, http://www.uspto.gov/main/trademarks.htm to ensure your potential domain name isn’t infringing on any trademarks.

Please don’t take this point lightly, as trademark infringement could cost you your entire business. It is your responsibility to ensure that your potential domain name doesn’t infringe on any registered trademarks, as the trademark laws that apply in the hard copy world also apply on the Internet. Any company that registers a trademark has the right to protect their trademark and has the right to notify you that your domain name is infringing upon their trademark.

When you’re ready to begin, create a list of a dozen or more potential domain names, as chances are, your first choice will already be taken. With any luck, one of the domain names on your list will be available.

Take your time and select a quality domain name that will grow with your business. It will be well-worth your time and effort in the long run.

Kashmiri Phiran

phiranThe traditional outfit for both males and females in Kashmir is the Phiran and poots. The phiran and poots consist of two gowns, one over the other. The traditional phiran and poots extends to the feet, which was popular up to the late 19th century C.E. However, a relatively modern variation of the phiran and poots extends to below the knees, which is worn with a suthan (loose form of shalwar) similar to the styles worn in Afghanistan. It is optional to wear the suthan with a long phiran as traditionally lower garments are not worn with phirans. The traditional phiran and poots do not have side slits.

In summer, the phiran and poots are made of cotton, for winter, the poots are made out of cotton and the phiran of wool, covering and protecting the body from the cold.

There is no consensus as to the origin of the word ‘phiran’. However, it seems that the word is a corruption of the Persian word ‘perahan’ which means shirt. The outfit has been envogue in Kashmir since before the 15th century.

Head dress

Hindu females use a “taranga”, a headdress which becomes smaller down at back, towards the heels. Islamic Kashmiri females use a red headwear known as the “kasaba”. The kasaba is padded by means of a turban and is pinned together by brooches. A pin-scarf revoked from the kasaba descends towards the neck.


The phiran is a loose upper garment loosely gathered at the sleeves which tend to be wide, made of either wool or jamewar which is a mixture of wool and cotton, with no side slits. A phiran made of wool is called a ‘loch’. Female phiran dresses are designed with colorful flower elements and styles. Male phiran dresses are quite simple without any colourful designs.

The traditional phiran falls to the feet like a gown which was universally worn by the Hindu and Muslim communities into the later 19th century C.E. However, a modern version is knee-length and is worn by Muslim people which is loose and stitched at the front side and on the finishes while Hindu people wear their phirans long, extending down their legs. Ankle length Phirans are tied at the waist. Intricate embroideries or flower styles are a popular function of a Kashmiri ladies phiran.

Modern fashion

Modern trends saw a decline in the use of phirans in favour of the shalwar kameez. However, there has been a revival in recent years as phirans have become part of modern fashion, and are worn by females of other areas of India as well. Kashmiri men are also wearing the phiran as a fashionable outfit. Combined with jeans, the phiran has made its way into the office world.The modern phiran is not as wide and long as the traditional ankle or knee length versions and sometimes have side slits. Less men are wearing the phiran with a shalwar.

Kashmiri Music Videos

01. Kashmiri Music – ROCK


02. Dimyo Dilasi – Remix

03. Roshwalla Myaene Dilbaro – Remix

04. Hai Hai Wasyee

05. Tundan Mundan

Kashmir Floods Aggravate Depression Cases in the Valley

While a large section of the population of Kashmir has suffered from depression due to conflict in the region, the recent floods in the state have aggravated the problem further by triggering a spate of post-traumatic stress disorder cases.
40-year-old Abdul Hamid, a heart patient and suffering from acute depression, spent a day at a mental check-up camp set up by NGO ‘Aash – the hope of Kashmir’ in Budgam district.
Last month, during the raging floods, his wife had lost her life at Srinagar’s Lal Ded maternity hospital soon after giving birth to a child.
Today, living in a broken house, Mr Hamid is scared, delusional and worried about the safety of his child.
“I am not able to sleep now,” said Mr Hamid. “After my wife died, I am in great tension. She was in perfect health but died suddenly. I am always thinking about it.”
Mental health camps are being set up in the region for people showing symptoms of headache, loss of memory and the desire to be left alone.
Volunteers say their job will be done only when those devastated by the floods heal completely – in body and mind.
“Apart from conflict-related trauma, this has been an add-on to that trauma. There are people who were relieved from their anxiety previously, but now the floods have aggravated their situation,” said Abdul Wajid, a volunteer.
Doctors say that hospitals and medical camps in Srinagar have been receiving around 50 stress-related cases daily.
“Stress is presenting in varied ways,” said Dr Rafiq Pampori, Principal, Government Medical College Srinagar. “It depends on coping mechanism. Those who have good faith, they tolerate it well. They say, it had to happen and it happened.”
Help has also come in from NGOs like Medicine Sans Frontiers (MSF) which has started counselling centres across the Valley for people suffering from post-flood stress disorder.