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Welcome To MyKashmir

Place for Information, Resources, Data, every thing about Kashmir Valley in particular & whole Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh in General. The main idea behind Project MyKashmir is to ” Bring Best of Kashmir To Rest of The World “, so every Kashmiri who want to be a part of this project / effort is welcomed, to share their Views, Ideas, anything under the sun. We do look forward to receive feedback from every Kashmiri scattered world over, for betterment of this Web Portal.

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Kashmiri Music

Kashmir has always been a source of inspiration to emperors, poets and writers of the subcontinent. Kashmir’s breathtaking beauty inspired poets such as Allama Iqbal as well as Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Jahangir writes about Kashmir in his famous couplet , ‘If there is paradise on earth, It is this, it is this, it is this’.


Moslems in Kashmir

  1. Hazrat Amir-e-Kabir Shah-e-Hamdan
  2. Sayed Abdul Qadir Jilani
  3. Sheikh-Ul-Alam Hazrat Noor-Uddin Wali
  4. Sultan-Ul-Arifeen Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdum
  5. Hazrat Payam Uddin alias Baba Rishi
  6. Bulbul-e-Kashmir Hazrat Bulbul Shah
  7. Hazrat Mir Muhammad Hamdani 


Kashmiri Cuisine (Wazwan)

Wazwan :: The pride of Kashmiri cuisine is Wazwan – the fantastic 36 – course wedding banquet, now also served on special occasions. A true gastronomic journey of epical proportion it showcases the finesse of saffaron, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom. Kashmiri chilli, curds etal woven into rista (meatballs), seekh kababs, tabak maz (fired rib cuts), rogan josh (mutton curry with generous helpings of red kashmiri chillies), chaman (fresh cottage cheese) and dam allu (potato). Rice and bread (sheermaal and baquerkhani, tsochvoru, tsot, kulcha) and bakery items play an important role in everyday meals as do mutton and fish, Spinach and lotus root. The delectably flavoured Khawa (green tea) is drink through the day.       Details

Temples In Kashmir

* Shankracharya
* Pir Pandit Padshah
* Sharadha Tirtha
* Pandrethan
* Cave Monastery
* Vaishno Devi Yatra
* Mamleshwar Temple 
* Shree Sharika Peetham 
* Mysterious Cave of Amarnath


Personalities – (Kashmiri)

* Sir Mohammad Iqbal
* MaulanaAnwar Shah Kashmiri
* Khwaja Abdul Karim Kashmiri
* Lalla Ded
* Gani Kashmiri
* Habba Khatoon
* Mehjoor
* Shaheed Maqbool Bhat


Monestries – Ladakh

– Hemis Monastery
– Alchi Monastery
– Thiksey Monastery
– Cave Monastery
– Stakna Monastery



Food Products

There are only two or three places in the whole world where saffron grows. Kashmir has the proud privilege of being one of these places. There are two locations in Kashmir where saffron grows. One of these two places is Pampur. Pampur is a small town, which is 13 km from Srinagar.        Details


Floriculture, an important branch of horticulture involves the cultivation of flowers and it includes ornamental gardening and landscaping. Gardening for aesthetic purposes has also been a part of the Indian community with special emphasis on cut flowers.

IT Enabled Services

To cater Internal / External Information Sector we have come up with a strong team of IT professionals. Who can provide complete IT Solution, which includes

  1. Infrastructure Setup
  2. LAN/WAN Setup
  3. Web Development
  4. Customized Software
  5. Consultation
  6. Corporate Training
  7. IT Education
  8. Maintenance

All Under One Roof                        Details

Kashmiri Poets & Poetry

Kashmir, which is known as the ‘paradise on earth’, has been the abode of eminent scholars, savants, historians and poets, like Bilhan, Mamatachary, Anandavardhana, Gunaverman, bhinavagupta, Jonaraja, Kalhana, etc. 


Aromatic & Medicinal Plants

The valley of Kashmir is very rich in high value and high altitude aromatic and medicinal plants. More than 50 % of plant species described in British pharmacopoeia are reported to grow in Kashmir Valley. Near 570 plant species are reported to be of medicinal importance.