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Moslems Across Kashmir Valley

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Sultan-Ul-Arifeen Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdum

Sheikh Hamza Makhdum, entitled Mehboob-Ul-Alam, and Sultan-Ul-Arifeen, was born to Baba Usman, of the Chandra-Vanshi Rajput family, a hereditary landlord, a scholar and a mystic saint of high order. Sheikh…

Sheikh-Ul-Alam Hazrat Noor-Uddin Wali

His year of birth is disputed. Some say it was 779 Hijri while others hold it as 757 Hijri. It is futile to go into the discussion here but under…

Hazrat Amir e Kabir Shah e Hamdan

Many saints came to the valley of Kashmir to preach and to propagate Islam, to name a few were: Bulbul Shah, Syed Jalal Uddin Bukhari, Syed Taj Uddin, Syed Hussain…

Moslems & Islam In Kashmir

Kashmir is famous for Sufism and it is a place known as “Pirwaer”, the alcove of Saints. A huge number of Sufis travelled to Kashmir with the message of Islam…