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Temples In Kashmir

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Amarnath – The Mysterious Cave

Amarnath – The Mysterious Cave Amarnath Cave Temple is a Hindu shrine located in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The cave is situated at an altitude of 3,888 m (12,756 ft),…

Shree Sharika Peetham

Shree Sharika Peetham – Kashmir The valley of Kashmir is known as Deva Bhoomi i.e. the abode of gods. It is situated in the lap of the Himalayan mountains. The…

Sharadha Tirtha

Sharadha Tirtha Or Sharada Peeth Sharada Peeth – is a ruined Hindu temple and ancient centre of learning located in present-day Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. Between the 6th and…

Pir Pandit Padshah

Pir Pandit Padshah Or Peer Pandit Padshah “The Puff That Kindled The Divine Spark In Him” Rishi Pir Pandit was one of the greatest saints of Kashmir of the 17th…

Shankaracharya Temple

Shankaracharya Temple Shankaracharya is a detached ridge of igneous rock to the southeast of Srinagar, separated from the Shilamar Range by the Aita Gaj Gap. The summit of the hill…

Temples Of Kashmir Valley

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