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Hazarat Sain Baba Miran Bakash

Hazarat Sain Baba Miran Bakash

This Shrine is located in village Guntrian near the line of actual control in Poonch District of Jammu region. It is 10 kilometers away on the northeast side of Poonch city.

The attractive natural beauty of this place had impelled Hazarat Sain Baba Miran Bakash to migrate from across the LOC in 1954. His native village Nanga Nari is located on the southern slope of Neza Pir Pass across the Line of Actual Control. The place is frequently visited by devotees of different religious faiths who have a firm belief that whatever is wished before the holy seat does never go unfulfilled. A road to link to this Ziarat has been constructed facilitating the pilgrims to visit this place. Before its construction arduous climbing was required to reach the Ziarat.