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Hazrat Sayed Ghulam Shah Badshah

Hazrat Sayed Ghulam Shah Badshah – Shahdara Sharief

Ziarat Shahdara Sharief is about 35 km in the north of Rajauri and 5 Kms from Thannamandi.
The famous Ziarat is surrounded by beautiful high mountain peaks, a thick belts of forests, green pastures, springs, and strings.
The village was in ancient times known as Simha Dwara in Sanskrit. Later on, the name changed from Simha Dwara to Shindhara meaning the place of lions. In 1765 AD, when a great Sant and religious preacher Hazrat Sayeed Ghulam Shah Badshah. RA reached this place and started meditation, the people renamed this place after the name of great Sant as Shahdara.
Thousands of people from all religions visit the Shrine every year and offer prayers. Presently, three to four thousand people took a meal from Langar every day while the Kashmiri tea (saltish tea) in Samawar is served to the pilgrims all the time.
Five thousand people can be accommodated in the Ziarat, while 1,000 people can be provided beds also. Ten thousand people can offer prayer in Jamia Masjid Shahdara Sharief.
The Urs of Hazrat Syeed Ghulam Shah Badshah RA is celebrated on the 10th of Muharram every year. Normally, villagers bring with them Atta, rice, and other goods apart from cash to offer on the Shrine.