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Hazrat Mir Muhammad Hamdani

Hazrat Mir Muhammad Hamdani, the son of Hazrat Shah Hamdani, was born in 1372 AD. And received the rank of the spiritual heir from his father. It is said that Shah Hamadan bequeathed him that he would continue the mission and not leaves Kashmir. He also gave two letters to Maulana Sirahi with the instructions to hand them over to Khawaja Ishaq Khatlani and Noor Uddin Jafar Badakhshi after his death. These two holy men went to see Mir Muhammad Hamdani to condole him on his father’s death that demanded the two documents from them. Khawaja Khatlani handed him over the will but kept the document of the heir apparent with the remark that he would do so only when he proved himself capable of it. This transformed him internally, spent three years with the Khawaja Sahib, and later learnt intrinsic conduct from Noor Uddin Jafar Badakhshi. Having been qualified for the post, he succeeded to the seat of his father.
Under instructions of his father, he did not severe his relations from Kashmir but entered into two marriages to strengthen them, and thus set up two links, spiritual as well as material. He completed work of his father and stayed here for eleven years. Like his father he took great pains in sinking down the Islamic faith and the removal of Un-Islamic practices, rites, and beliefs from the Kashmiri Muslims.
His efforts resulted in the blooming of Islamic mysticism, based on Sunni and the Book. He observed Shareiah more than the Tariqat (Intrinsic)
He never liked any digression. This saved the Kashmiri Muslims from the extremes. His persuasions made Sultan Sikandar to enforce the orders of the Sunni in letter and spirit. Music, dancing and gambling were banned.
Sultan Sikandar was his devotee. He ordered for the construction of mosques, monasteries, and seminaries. His Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief, Soh Bhatt, became Muslim and assumed the name Serif Uddin who, being a new Muslim, pulled down many temples out of frenzy. When the matter came to the notice of Hazrat Mir Hamdani, he forbade him to do so and introduced him to the Qu’Oranic induction, meaning: There is no compulsion (on people) in matters of their Faith.
Syed Muhammad wrote a booklet on mysticism. Once he disagreed with Syed Muhammad Hissari on the subject: mysticism, so he penned down his ideas on the following night. Besides, he wrote several other pamphlets. Risala Sikandari is well known.
The torch of the faith, having lit up the darkness, went out at Khatlani in 1450 AD. Thousands of Kashmiri Muslims bade him farewell with tears in their eyes. The Khanqah-e-Mullah (the monastery) is a living monument emanating peace, love, and fraternity to the people around.